Sunrise 17:46
La Janda 13:28
Golden Age 19:30


LA JANDA is the essence of 10 days of magical musical deep diving research in february 2017.
Rudi Wienand: La Janda Flutes, Didgeridoo, Overtone singing etc.
Akasha Project: Cosmic tuned electronic
Rec. Februray 2017 Santa Lucia / Spain
Produced March - May 2017 OktaOM Studio Rautheim
Booking: managment@akashaproject.de


released May 31, 2017

Sunrise is tuned to the Earthday, the Earthrotation.
G 194,18 Hz, A=435,22 Hz, 91,02 bpm

La Janda is tuned to the Planet Venus.
A 221,23 Hz, A=442,46 Hz, 103,70 bpm

Golden Age is tuned to the planet Uranus.
G# 207,36 Hz, A=439.37 Hz, 97.20 bpm

Purple Kingdom is tuned to the platonic year of the Earth.
F 172.06 Hz, A=433.56 Hz, 80.65 bpm

Event Horizons is tuned to the Sun tone.
H 126.22 Hz, A=449.80 Hz, 118,33 bpm

Temple of Light is tuned to the Earthyear - the OM - the Sadjatone, our Home-tone. Feel welcome - feel home on planet earth.


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Akasha Project Germany

Barnim A. Schultze aka Akasha Project, class of 1963, has been concerned since the mid 1980s with electronic sounds and rhythms and their effect on our consciousness.
Since 1996 in co-operation with Hans Cousto and his Tuningsystem “The Cosmic Octave”. Since 1998 various publications on different labels.
Numerous Live concerts with planetary and molecular sounds.
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