earth field

by Akasha Project



Earth Field ist ein harmonikal gestimmtes Frequenzfeld für therapeutische Anwendungen.
Die Erdenjahr Frequenz - Ton Cis = 136,10 Hz / Ton A 432,10 Hz wirkt entspannend, krampflösend und schmerzlindernd.
Earth Field ist, als elektronische Oberton Musik und Stimmton, hervorragend zum Mitsingen und Chanten geeignet.
Der feinstoffliche Resonanzpunkt liegt im Herz Chakra.
In der Meditation zentriert Earth Field das Sein im Lauf der Dinge.
Akasha Project - Frequenzpräparate für eine neue Zeit.

Earth Field is a hamonical tuned frequence-field for therapeutical work.
Tuned according to the law of the cosmic octave.
Earth Year C# 136,10 Hz - A 432,10 Hz
Great for singing along with it - special for overtone singing.
Listening to earth field may therefore, similiar to taking a homoeopathic drug, have a real therapeutical effect.


released April 21, 2015



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Akasha Project Germany

Barnim A. Schultze aka Akasha Project, class of 1963, has been concerned since the mid 1980s with electronic sounds and rhythms and their effect on our consciousness.
Since 1996 in co-operation with Hans Cousto and his Tuningsystem “The Cosmic Octave”. Since 1998 various publications on different labels.
Numerous Live concerts with planetary and molecular sounds.
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