Cosmic Journey

by Akasha Project + Rudi Wienand

In 2 Light 06:57
Flowin 11:55
Levitate 13:22
Transcend 11:14
Heart Shift 14:56
Morning Glow 12:27


During the summer of 2018 Rudi Wienand and the Akasha Project spent a total of 6 weeks in the Okta Om Studio, taking several breaks for a series of concerts.

Cosmic Journey is the essence of this common Glass Bead Game.

Harmonic concert pitches and pure natural scales create wide, powerful Soundscapes.

Open doors to inner spaces of healing.

Act as vehicle for psychedelic journeys.

Live is a cosmic journey.

Rudi Wienand and Barnim Schultze / Akasha Project thank Hans Cousto for the mathematical key to the magic side of music.

The artist Nana Nauwald for the beautiful cover painting titled "Ursprung" / "Origin"

And Bert Olke at the GL-Audio Studio in Berlin for perfect mastering.

Im Sommer 2018 verbrachten Rudi Wienand und das Akasha
Project, unterbrochen von diversen Konzerten, 6 Wochen im OktaOm Studio.

Cosmic Journey ist die Essenz dieses gemeinsamen Glasperlenspiels.

Harmonikale Kammertöne und reine Stimmungen schaffen weite, wirkungsvolle Klangfelder.

Öffnen Türen zu inneren Räumen der Heilung.

Dienen als Fahrzeug für psychedelische Reisen.

Das Leben ist eine kosmische Reise.

Rudi Wienand und Barnim Schultze / Akasha Project danken Hans Cousto für den mathematischen Schlüssel zur magischen Seite der Musik.


released March 10, 2019

Tracktunings according to the cosmic octave :

1. In 2 Light - Earthyear
2. Flowin - Synodic Moon
3. Levitate - Venus
4. Transcend - Sun
5. Heart Shift - Platonic Year
6. Morning Glow - Earthday

Der Künstlerin Nana Nauwald für das wundervolle Cover Gemälde Titel: Ursprung.

Und Bert Olke vom Berliner GL-Audio Studio für bestes Mastering.


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Akasha Project Germany

Barnim A. Schultze aka Akasha Project, class of 1963, has been concerned since the mid 1980s with electronic sounds and rhythms and their effect on our consciousness.
Since 1996 in co-operation with Hans Cousto and his Tuningsystem “The Cosmic Octave”. Since 1998 various publications on different labels.
Numerous Live concerts with planetary and molecular sounds.
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